John Osgood

School Principal |

We look forward to sharing your child's educational journey.

The partnership we have and the shared responsibility we enjoy in an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation and understanding is the foundation of our school.  This partnership is enhanced by effective two-way communication between home and school.  The stronger the partnership bond, the greater impact we have on our children.

We are excited about all the activities, special events and programs that we will be involved in this year.  We hope that this school year will be the best ever with your support, help and commitment, this will truly be a memorable year.

Wendy Suchy

School Secretary |


I have worked for the district for 20 years.  My love for children was my reason for seeking employment in a school's environment, after my three children grew older and more independent.  I love the excitement of children's first discoveries and experiences and we're never short of those here at Robert Rundle.